Sustainable is
a virtue

concern for the environment

Since years we are committed to reduce any negative effects on the environment by taking eco-friendly adjustments in production and by taking many daily attentions.

- 100
Tons per year of Co2 saved for recycling heat from exhaust pipes
- 10
Tons per year of Co2 saved from soda heat reduction
- 100 %
quantity in dumping used soda
System of biofiltration
System of biofiltration
System of biofiltration
Thanks to a natural process, microorganisms purify steam and avoid smell. There is no secondary pollution, water and CO2 are the only waste producted.
Recycling heat
Recycling heat
We recover as much as possible heat from cycles of water, air and steam. This is just the first of many important efforts to have an eco-friendly production.
Step is a certification based on several levels which attest a low environmental textile production. It evaluates production, environmental performances, safety on work, social responsibility, quality management, chemical products.

A new photovoltaic

Electrical consumption is sensitive to the major services required by the various stages of production. We have contained this consumption and we has provide for a photovoltaic system.

600000 kWh
Green energy produced till now
320000 kg
CO2 saved

sustainability report

The first sustainability report: equity solidity, professional, chemical, process and administrative skills, attention to eco-toxicological and occupational safety aspects, utmost caution in the use of internal and external resources, whether personnel, water or energy resources, commitment to society, new generations, new needs.

Apri Bilancio di Sostenibilità (2022)