The most widespread vegetable fibre in the world, from the capsule of the plant “Gossypium herbaceum” grown in Egypt, Sudan, Peru, some tropical islands, in California and in China. Cotton is classified according to its count, whilst the length of the fibre determines its quality: the longer it is, the more lustrous, strong and valuable the cotton. It has excellent hygroscopic characteristics and therefore absorbs perspiration, is hard-wearing, heat-resistant, versatile and dyes well. Since it is even more hard-wearing when wet, it is the most washable of fibres even at high temperatures and with alkaline detergents. Brandnames: the brandname “Filiscozia” managed by the Centro Promozione Filoscozia guarantees the superior quality of valuable long-fibre Egyptian cotton (Mako), combed, twisted and mercerized. The yarn produced takes on a silky shine. The most valuable cotton is the famous West Indian Sea Island Cotton with fibres reaching 60 mm in length.

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