The product of the fleece of the sheep. It can be: LAMBSWOOL, from the fleece of lambs; WELL-GROWN, when sheared from sheep; TANNING WOOL, when obtained from the removal of the fleece from the hides of dead or butchered sheep; GREASE WOOL , when still covered in natural sheep grease and other matter; RAW , if not yet processed and refined; TWICE-SHORN, when the sheep are shorn twice a year; WASHED, when the wool is washed on the sheep by making them jump through a stream, RECYCLED, when retrieved from rag frays and rejects. It is to be noted that officially only the product deriving from sheep shearing can be called wool. Therefore cashmere, mohair, camel wool, vicuna wool, llama wool, alpaca are to be considered special fibres and in Italy and the EEC countries are not protected by the “pure virgin wool” trademark.

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